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What we do and what you can expect from us

As a mortgage broker, we work for you as our client to find you the most suitable mortgage product for your needs from a vast range of mortgages.

The mortgage market is a minefield of information. Instead of going to your bank where they will only advise you on one banks products, a broker can offer you advice on a range of over 30 lenders products thus finding you the most suitable for your needs.

As your broker, we will investigate the mortgage market to find you the most suitable product, answer all your questions, organise the paperwork and present your application to the bank with our recommendations. We will chase the lender and keep all parties to the purchase up to date with progress all the way through to settlement, making the process as smooth as possible.

Our Services

House Purchase

A bank has only got access to their own mortgage products, as a broker we shop around the panel of over 30 lenders (including your bank in a lot of instances) we have access to and find you the most suitable mortgage product.

We are not just looking for the lowest interest rate but the whole picture, there are sometime fees and charges that need to be taken into account also. Plus you may not qualify with your current bank’s lending policies so may not fit with them, but other banks may have more flexible lending criteria?


Most people have no idea of the interest rate that they are paying on their mortgage and how much money that can be potentially saved by shopping around. Lenders compete for business and a lot of clients can potentially reduce their payments by refinancing to a new lender who offers a lower rate.

By reducing your mortgage interest rate being charged, can either reduce your mortgage payments saving you money every month, or you may want to keep the payments to what you are used to paying and reduce your mortgage term to pay off the mortgage sooner, thus reducing your overall interest charged over the term.

First home owners

As our client, we can help you understand your options and help you to apply for the First Home Owners Grant and any other grants that may be available to you. As our client, we will assist with the paperwork and submit the applications for you.


The Australian dream of retiring with a portfolio of investment properties and the tenants paying your mortgage. The question “How do we do this?” Is often asked. We can help in assisting you to fund your investment properties to build up your portfolio. We can assist you in structuring your loans with tax/investment advice from your Accountant or Financial Planner.

Business Finance

As your broker, we have access to a number of business finance lenders that can assist you with business purchases, commercial premises, capital raising along with franchise purchases. We can assist with sourcing funding for your business needs.

Car loans

Many people purchase their car through a car yard and often just take out the vehicle finance through them at the same time without shopping around. The car yard work on the fact that you will take out anything to get the car of your dreams and will offer just one car loan product.  By Shopping around and considering a number of lenders, we may be able to offer a lower cost option.

Plant & equipment

We can off the same brokering service as we do for cars, in assisting you with purchasing your plant & equipment needs.